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“If this writer HAD TO choose where to put this band, just by what has been heard, they would be sharing the stage with the late and great Jimi Hendrix. ‘AMERICA’ is a song that makes you enjoy yourself, while still causing you to think, sometimes even question where and how can you make a difference. Because no matter what they look like or where they come from, We are Americans.”


Our Band

Quantum Split is a rock and soul band. They perform original songs and music, written by Berklee College of Music student, Lead Singer, and Guitarist Soleil Laurent, with her fellow band mates Adrian Read (Lead Guitarist), Ivan Hardy (Bass Guitarist), and Richard Chen (Drummer). Quantum Split has headlined shows in New York City at notable locations such as Irving Plaza and the Gramercy Theatre, been requested to go to Africa three times, and have been sponsored by the US Embassy in Kigali, Rwanda because of their stand for people. Having never released a recorded piece of music, they’ve gained their fanbase through their live performances.

Through creating a lane of their own, this fresh and groundbreaking band showcases musical influence that all music lovers from any genre would appreciate. Quantum Split offers listeners music that sheds light on a variety of topics that they can relate to. Gain your independence! Create your own imprint! Let no one give you YOUR identity! Quantum Split brings you an exhilarating and meaningful experience.


Soleil Laurent

Lead Singer

Adrian Read


Ivan Hardy

Bass Player

Richard Chen


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quantum split

Put in the Work


quantum split

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