Kigali Festival 2015



With so many great things happening I wanted to write to you so that you can experience what I am experiencing in life and with my musical career right now. I will continue to write to you about current experiences and various past experiences that have taken place within the past year. I will also be following my blog’s postings with Twitter Chats so that you are able to take part in each experience. During the Twitter Chats you will also be able to ask me any questions. These chats will be an opportunity for you to talk to me one-on-one; this will be an opportunity for me to get to know you and for you to get to know me.


Last week I returned from Africa, where I performed at the #KigaliUp2015 Festival. It was truly an experience that I will never forget. When I received the invitation to perform at the festival I automatically accepted. I felt honored, excited, stunned and even a bit anxious. The emotions that I went through and I am still going through are emotions that I can’t even put into words. Most of all I was so happy to be provided the opportunity to go to motherland, where many such as Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali and more have stepped foot.


Leading up to #KigaliUp we rehearsed twice a week – individually we rehearsed daily. Reflecting back on the time leading up to #KigaliUp it was all about practice, practice and practice!  It was about perfecting myself vocally and musically. It was about perfecting my band. It was about us collaboratively working as a team and working hard to perfect ourselves as individuals! We would be performing in front of 1,000’s of people and the only thing that was going through my mind was that I needed to be ready!


Before I knew it was time to embark on the journey to the #motherland – traveling was very different. This was my first time on a plane for such a long amount of time – 15 hours. Our first stop was in Brussels. We had some hiccups that I will talk more about during my upcoming Twitter Chat. Wow! What a experience that was….when I say hiccups I mean 2 days worth of hiccups, but we made it to Africa in time for our performance!


I was just waking when it was time to exit the plane – upon exiting and out of nowhere I found myself surrounded by paparazzi! This experience in itself was really exciting. There were many photos taken and so many questions were asked. I was not nervous at all and very prepared for everything!


The performance was unreal, the people were so accepting of having a good time! This experience has definitely been the best experience that I have had so far. The lights, the cheering, the enthusiasm – all of it was so intense and unbelievable. This is truly an experience that I will never forget!

Experience #KIGALIUP2015 and AFRICA with me on August 23rd at 8 PM ET. I will talk with you about all of the details of the trip and my experience performing at the festival. There just is so much to talk about. I will also talk about my experience in Africa, who I met, the people of Africa and what I did on any down- time that I had!

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  • Niyitanga Elise


    Thank u so much,even me i was there.i sulprise by your knowledje for playing guitar,and my bro adrian read.even u father he is senior to uhe music we thank keep learn more in life help each others as possible never give up,stil win.wel come back we like the vistors.thx patience for my english i’m not expert.bye.

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