Adrian Read – Guitarist

About adrian

Adrian Read is the lead guitarist of Quantum Split. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the Bronx of New York City, Adrian brings a variety of flavors and attitude to the group and to the stage. Influenced by the sounds of Hard Rock and hip hop allows him to add edge and groove to every guitar riff. Following the steps of Legendary artists such as Prince, Slash, Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix and Van Halen, Adrian is an extreme innovator in his guitar playing. Fluent in styles such as latin blues, metal, and hip hop, he has the ability to add huge versatility to the sound of Quantum Split. Throughout his life Adrian has endured many hardships and rough environments that have pushed him to strive for success and excellence above all else. One of Adrian’s many virtues is his ability to listen and exercise keen observation that allows him to always continue growing and learning. He also places major value in friendships, family, and living a full and purposeful life, all the while maintaining enough humility to give back to the community.


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