Richard Chen – Drummer

About richard

Richard Chen was born in Taipei, Taiwan where he worked as an animation sound designer. He received his undergraduate degree in Drum Performance and Electronic Production/Design from Berklee College of Music.

Ever since he heard the theme song of “Men In Black” from the very first CD his parents bought him, he fell in love with music. The very first instrument he played was the trumpet in middle school ensemble class, and then he switched to trombone, and then to tuba. He never enjoyed playing any of those instruments. It wasn’t until he switched over to percussion in freshmen year of high school that he got addicted to the drums. Since college, he has played in numerous bands, from rock, metal, funk, jazz, hip-hop to fusion. Some of Richard’s biggest influences are: Steve Gadd, Joey from SlipKnot, Dennis Chamber, Dave Weckl, Carter Beauford from Dave Mathews Band, Jo Jo Mayer, Tony Royster JR, and Thomas Pridgen.

Richard’s native language is Mandarin.


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