Soleil Laurent – Lead Singer

About Soleil

Sounds of Soleil: A lifelong New Yorker and a lifetime lover of all things beautiful, Soleil Laurent has a mission of creating goodness through love and light.

Soleil grew up in an exceptionally musical family. From a very early age she excelled in all the creative activities that she took part in. Soleil began playing the guitar in her teen years. It has always been evident from the smile on her face that Soleil is very passionate about music.

Soleil Laurent is an Afro-Latina who is an Influencer, Life Motivator, electric guitar player and front woman for the Rock/Hip Hop band “Quantum Split”. She studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she began developing her unique style which has allowed to her to perform all over the globe, in such places as Rwanda, Africa, Los Angeles CA, Austin TX, Chicago IL, Minneapolis MN, Raleigh NC, Bozeman MT, Seattle WA, Louisville KY, Tempe AZ, and Kalamazoo MI. Additionally, she has performed for several noted musical institutions including the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Irving Plaza, Gramercy Theatre, and the Bowery Ballroom among many others.

What do you want people to take away from your music?
SL: I want people to take the fact that I am a person going through life as well. I do not want to create the illusion of being perfect or having the perfect lifestyle. I want them to see my imperfections, that I too have issues going on in life. I go through the stages: depression, anger, but also happiness, excitement and love. I go through all those things and I want listeners to feel connected and feel that they have a friend.

What is your mantra for life?
SL: I have it already! LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE. That’s it! Everyone is different. Everyone is unique. Everyone believes in different things. My mantra is a BE who you are statement. It’s an acknowledgment of the light inside of you and how special you are as a person.


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